Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweating to the Oldies...Selena Style

You ever just went with the flow for just a day. No planning, no googling popular things to do in the city, or calling around checking which restaurant had the longest wait. Well this past Saturday while entertaining my mom, I had no idea how to show her a good time during her weekend stay in Atlanta. I get a text saying "Zumba-Thon 6-9 wanna go?" Briefly Zumba is a latin inspired dance fitness to music filled with exotic & international beats. I heard a lot about this (over a year ago..geesh...I know where have a been). So we decided to go blindly to this 6-9pm "Zumba-Thon". Get there in hour 2 of the 3 hour event to a room full women sweating but with energy hung so high I could barely find my place in the mix. We fill in with our flapping wings and legs joining in on the fun. Imagine mother & daughter dancing the night away. Just for one night only who could have knew we could feel like Selena, Ciara, & Beyonce. I am officially sold on Zumba as my #1 exercise of choice when I need a regime change no matter how late I am to tha partay!


  1. I love Zumba too! It's so much fun, you sometimes forget you're exercising! :-)

  2. I'll have to try Zumba. I need something that will hold my attention lol