Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beginning of Wifey

August 28, 2010

It is the day after the wedding and we are as happy as can be. We are now making our way to Florida to catch a plane destined for Montego Bay, Jamaica. My mother came over as I was packing. It wasn’t until this day I started feeling like a woman no longer under the wing of her mother. In between packing I was trying to locate a vase to put a bouquet of red roses in I received as a gift. She knew exactly where she stored it while helping me clean the week leading up to the wedding. Much to my amazement found  it for me and politely but it on the counter. I could not help to say “Mom, you are not going to cut and put them in there for me?”. She says no.  I see she is clearly very tired after the weeked wedding mayhem but of course I saw this as my first indication of my right of passage as a new wife. Then I proceeded again to test my boundaries yet again and asked her to come upstairs to help me pack. She gave me that tired look again and I lost it.. silently sobbing. No longer could I rely on my mother to do those things for me like I was a little girl. At that moment I couldn’t help but to feel on a island very lonely for a minute. However I quickly realized this wonderful man sitting across from me I married yesterday is here with me. Its funny how marriage does feel different. You actually have an extended identify outside of yourself.  He and I now are one unit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Introduction to Wifey

Allow me to introduce myself as Legal Grinding Wifey. I met a wonderful man on February 28, 2008 and my life has never been the same since. He compliments me in every single way imaginable. I came from the cookie cutter timeline of graduate with honors from high school, go to 4 year college degree, and start working a "good "job. He on the other hand has always been an entrepreneur who at the tender age of 20 talked his way into the offices of FUBU to pitch a young urban clothing line to them. Our experiences combined together create a power couple that is destined for greatness. I knew when I married him he did not expect me to be an entrepreneur like him. The beauty of being his wife is being comfortable that I could go on about my corporate logistics career and he never would have any issues with it.

Today I married him and we exchanged vows in a beautiful double ringed ceremony in Georgia with 150 of our closest friends and family. As the wedding day apporached I thought a lot about children. However, my thoughts were not of the usual upcoming newleywed in love to the point of wanting to procreate sooner rather than later. However, my thoughts were the opposite realizing we are not ready for children. I started analyzing those around me with children and how I want my life to be as a mother one day. I really don’t want to see myself birth a child then to realize how much I hate allowing daycare to raise them or if we are blessed with twins (they run on both sides, the closest being his dad is a twin) un-expectantly bearing double the cost having two beautiful angels.

After following and reading my blog favorites I met as a result of a chance opportunity to attend Blogalicious 2009 in Atlanta, I have pondered and now discovered my blogging voice. Hence, Legal Grinding Wifey is born on this day August 27, 2010.

Legal grinding are those actions that create out of the box opportunities that provide the freedom to start, support, and raise a family on your own terms and not within anyone else’s limitations.

I look forward to sharing the day to day experiences being a newlywed building a life together living "Wifey's Rite of Passage" along to making the transition to motherhood one day.  Our plan is to make preparations mind, body, spirit, and financially to comfortably start family within the next 2 years. Sit back and enjoy as our grind unfolds and blossoms.