Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black in America: The Almighty Debt Sneak Preview

The truth is I don't need to see the Special airing in 1 hour to know exactly the major story line. The CNN website highlights topics such as "Keeping The Faith in Job Search" or "What the recession stole from Black America". This all sounds like "we are broke with little hope" in my mind.  There will be a small segment about the alternative (Entrepreneurship) for which is really truly the major answer to the "Almighty Debt". The two Roberts brothers from St. Louis are the business moguls that have an empire of hotels & TV stations. I am very interested to see these very successful men explain to us how they knew at an early age how to NOT become a "debt" statistic in a 2010 CNN Black in America special.

I think back on all the afro-centric publications where you often see the career progression section informs you "How to negotiate a raise" or "Surviving work place politics". However helpful this has been over the years those messages are out of date.  We must switch the conversation to how we take control over our career through entrepreneurship. Highlighting people like the Roberts brothers is a great way to see how several years of past hard work can allow you to reap the benefits. This can seem overwhelming for most people that never thought working for themselves is an option.  The better message is for us to make our community aware of realistic future successful start ups to show everyone must start somewhere to move forward. The discovery of a true passion can lead to an "organic" business start up that will be very attainable for those in our communities that want better for their families.

I could stay on this soap box for hours but the truth is if there were no Black in America "Almighty Debt" there would be no future CNN follow-up to highlight Expressive Beauty Inc, a company that offers a solution building the "Almighty Equity".  We at Expressive Beauty offer exceptional opportunities for you. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or just looking for great hair products at an even better price; we’ve got exactly what you want. Our company was created to provide hair products and supplies to minorities through independent entrepreneurs.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

N'secure The Movie: Don't Bother

So last night we went to our first drive in movie experience at one of the last few theaters located in East Atlanta, GA. Sadly, our first experience was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I really wanted to support the black film makers but this one is definitely going straight to BET and TV One. I am a faithful listener of The Steve Harvey morning show so other than listening to Nephew Tommy every morning I would have never known about the movie. Its unfortunate he had no funny parts as the comedian usually can save a movie. Well at least there are a lot of Memphis businesses that received shine time from this project. However the movie was so horrible I only remember the last restaurant Spindinis.

After the movie finally ended, a cabin feverish like feeling came over us as it felt like we were sitting in our car for hours already. Glad we decided to stay for the double feature because "Takers" definitely made up for the night. Kudos to the whole cast for a very action packed, intense drama filled with greed and deception.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who's The Boss: Expressive Beauty a Company for Women to Become Bossy

On last night I attended an empowering event hosted by the The Boss Network.  It was a night of celebration of women who are bosses in their own right.  This network's vision is "Bringing Out Successful Sisters. The personal stories of each key influencer makes any woman that is a boss in her own rite remember why we work so hard to turn a passion into a business plan. Melissa Dawn Johnson's personal story being so connected with your business you may even to die for it. Of course her story was a comical experience of a false ADT home invasion scare but you definitely feel the seriousness how we feel about what we do.

Atlanta was the second stop in the network's tour of celebrating key influencers. For me it was perfect timing as we all know Atlanta has an entrepreneurial pulse that is beeping every minute.  That is why Legal Grinding Wifey is pleased to announce the launch of Expressive Beauty Inc. a company for African American women. We specialize in our exclusive Satin Series human hair extensions & established natural products distribution.  This is a unique opportunity at time where we need to take control of an industry where the businesses we buy from have known little about the consumer base so much that they feel its sufficient to sell hair out of plastic bags. I am pleased to share with what myself, hubby, and team have been working so hard to launch. Check out one of our pres releases here.

Fellow boss ladies don't forget to tell every women you know to plug into The Boss Network founder Cameka Smith has worked so hard to launch a year ago to connect all of us with that one common purpose: striving for Success.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy Way To Relax: 10 Minutes Daily

I am back after a 2 week hiatus and hating myself for not keeping up with my blog. From being out of town on business to merging two lives in a new marriage can have you on the go constantly. I realize now I must find therapeutic time to just plain 'ole relax. The past year my mailbox has been flooded with magazine subscriptions I  recieved from cashing in on unused airline loyalty miles.  As they kept piling up I felt buried in the desire to keep up with the trending articles of Ebony, Essence, People, etc. I even selfishly thought one day how great it would be to have someone read them and actually brief me on the hot topics of the month.  Instead of approaching someone with that foulishness I settled for passing them along to my mother and sought pleasure in seeing her read them.  So today after a restless day at the office, I came home to relax and thought twice about cutting on the TV on and picked up the new 65th anniversary Ebony I just recieved today and found comfort in relaxing through reading. I even got some blog post ideas I have started drafting.  As I continue learning this new life of a wife I see in order to get things done sometimes television is the biggest distraction ever to productivity & true relaxation.