Monday, September 13, 2010

Honeymoon Over: Returning to work = Maternity Leave Jitters

Today marked the day I returned to work from being off for 2 weeks for our wedding and honeymoon time off. Quite ironic as I think it is silly for me to even have thought of this but I wonder how many women contemplate taking a lot of personal time off from work. How many fear and think that if your job can go about business as usual without you then wouldn’t they replace or give rid of you? I don’t know any people personally who have experienced some type of prejudice as a woman for taking a lot of personal time. This is not a new work place jitter for women and I have read tons of great blog stories so I am not here to try and reinvent the wheel but just get some dialogue going on how real is this anxiety? Any personal stories of women returning to work feeling a little on the outside the "loop"?

I did walk in today to discover one person had been let go which was not a suprise to me but none the less things like this always ruffle feathers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Baby Sitter's Dream: Twin Angels

We had the pleasure again of babysitting our friend's beauty twin baby girl and boy. We have watched them grow since birth and are excited as we lead up to celebrating their 1 year birthday this month. I remember a somber feeling when their family was considering moving out of state. This is the closest I have ever been to babies. Its actually kind of cool to be able to have a part in raising kids and learning without actually  having to do it every day. I know that is bad but its a great opportunity for a wannabe mom.

Our Friday started with picking them up from daycare.

Realization #1 Twin baby girl would not reach for me when I tried to get her from the daycare room attendant. Had to bribe her with her afternoon frosty bottle. Its kind of eye opening for me to see how attached they get to the daycare workers.

The evening progressed with playing with whatever we could find in their bag, then rice and veggies dinner, bottles, and they went to bed after only 15 minutes of the precious crying/baby baby babbling. I thought it was so cute how my husband was so concerned cutting down the TV downstairs to listen closely for them not believing me they would drift off to sleep. Only a few hours in and we are tired but all smiles because we are at our 2 week anniversary.
We slept light not knowing what to expect the next morning.So we woke up tired, early, and went in the room where they were in the pack-n-play sleeping. We were ecstatic to see happy babies that were actually already up and just laying waiting for us.

Realization #2 Secretly wishing I have low key babies like the twins that sleep 8PM to 8AM then wait for you to wake up. .

We are a rice and fruit breakfast, then they did what seemed to be their morning ritual of crawling, rolling around, and attacking anything that was laying next to them. This was what I believe to be my husband's first stab at baby sitting so I was the observant wifey seeing how my hubby can handle children and he has a natural pink and blue hand.  We will have to see if his dad's genes get skipped to the generation we will create one day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Life List (B.C.)

In the words of our Uncle David who successfully built a beautiful life with his late wife and was able to enjoy their dream retirement home in Port St. Lucie, FL for 17 years “You must charter your course and dream together”.

During our engagement we pondered and planned how to create streams of income for our household. Now marks the time we must execute in order to live the life we desire to have on into the future. We set up our makeshift office downstairs for the day. Our first work day was very enlightening. I truly felt how it feels to be grinding towards a financial and personal purpose. As The Roots, Talib Kweli, and Jeezy echoed in the background we worked all day on our grassroots company that will empower every women continue enjoying and make an income from an industry that is so near and dear to our hears: Beauty.  More to come on the business leading up to launch time but until then I will share our goals we want to achieve B.C. (not Before Christ - we already saved :) but "Before Children")

Launch grassroots company to empower women
Open locally branded convenience stores
Get down to High School Weight
Payoff Car
Debt Reduction Plan- student loans, business loans if applicable
Learn how to swim
Get Lasik
Pole dancing classes
Spiritual growth
Home improvements to our condo
Take cooking classes (various cuisines)