Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Thoughts: Am I Stay at Home Mom Material?

Day 2 snowed in today with lots of time to think. So these are my days in the life of a stay at home mom minus the baby :). As much as I desire and the hubs is working toward me not having to work outside the home full time, I have feelings of uncertainty. Our goal is to build our projects/business ventures to the point where they can be managed and overseen from our home office while I enjoy being a mother.  I have made clear it to the hubs that I don't ever want to have to choose between a job and my children. I have known several women treated differently at work having to stay home sick while pregnant or stay home with sick kids. However I can't help but to feel the day I step foot outside my corporate career to raise my first child ironically I have said I don't want to be seen or portray a traditional stay at home mom.  The traditional stay at home mom tome takes care of the baby, cooks, cleans, run errands, etc.  While these are very important tasks, can I really do this full time. My full time work days have been filled for so many years with conference calls, project status updates, training, occasional travel, etc the household duties seem like they will not fill up a full week... everyday

Actually being home for two days has me asking if being a stay at home mom going to be full filling enough for me? Can I really just have the household as my job?  Will this be full filling or will I resent our baby and my husband for depending on my for all their needs. So luckily now I have a full-time job that allows me to work from home on inclement weather days like this so I actually have not been sitting on my bum doing nothing.  I have been productive both for my job, businesses, & the household. The household has been happier & peaceful overall. We can both finish work and get dinner cooked by 5:30 and catch an in home work out session. I am glad I had this time to reflect but I am sure this is exactly what I want when we decide to start a family.  So in my mind, Legal Grinding Wifey post baby will be just fine working in the home. Other wives or moms that are leaving or have left the workforce to take care of the home front, what were your experiences and emotions approaching this decision? 


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