Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Let the 2010 Grind Begin

One of the reasons I started this blog in August 2010 was to chronicle the life of newlyweds planning & executing out of the box opportunities to achieve our life goals. Official definition: Legal grinding are those actions that create out of the box opportunities that provide the freedom to start, support, and raise a family on your own terms and not within anyone else’s limitations.

After pondering on the things we accomplished in 2010 to support this, I realized there is much much more that goes into what we should be doing. Legal Grinding is not all about being entrepreneurs & having successful businesses.  Household Planning for 2010 uncovered we boast being the 1st generation to break the cycle of lifestyles we saw our parents & grandparents fall victim too.  The 2 things that often come to mind are 1st generation college graduates & eliminating poor financial choices.  Lack of money issues leads to a sound Mind.  We have lacked the motivation to unfold the Body & Soul a part of our daily grind. Naturally we want to be healthy & not depressed so we can feel & look better.  Honestly day in and day out this is not enough motivation we have realized.  Everything we need to be grinding towards is really overall to give our next generation an even better opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life. The future looks much brighter as we try and kick these fried chicken & cookie/cake fetishes :)

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