Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Extreme Couponing

As much as I would like to save money everyday like the extreme couponers we see on TLC, I am just not the one right now. However I do have a few things I am "anal "over and that is receiving my annual complimentary meal Benihana valued at $30 on your birthday for their Chef's Table Members. Its easy just sign up here and they will email you the coupon at the beginning of your birthday month. It is better to use it for lunch as you get more bang for your "free bucks".

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wearing Walmart Fashion Finds: Miss Tina

Yep I said it I now shop at Wally World. It came after like many of you I saw a new line of clothing featured in Essence Magazine where Tina Knowles launched her line in Walmart "Miss Tina" fall 2010.  I was initially very excited to see nothing was over $20. I was skeptical at first and never went into the store although I really was digging how model Tocarra rocked the threads. Around the end of winter, I went in to find things were picked over and left the section discontented thinking "that is why I never shopped here poor quality everything even inventory."

I am a frugal lady at heart so I tried again a few months ago.  I found just about every piece of clothing from the Spring 2011 line and fell in love. Luckily the stores close to me have a good inventory when the line for each season first drops. I never thought I would say this but these clothes fit my curves and bumps better than anything I have ever bought. Miss Tina is a big fan of ruched textures on the sides of her dresses (hits just below the lower hip) which as she says is very "forgiving" I say "ode to Miss Tina" because after a basket of chicken wings I have previously begged my clothes for mercy.

Check out the entire line at

I encourage you to check out your local store and at least try on some of the items. If you do not find your size don't fret you can order from for only $0.97 shipping! You will be surprised to find some very hidden treasures. One of my favorites is the Fold Over Skirt Dress that is a 3 way outfit 1) the top rolls down to a dress falling just below the knee to create a ruched texture around the middle 2) the top rolls up to a dress that falls ankle length 3) the top rolls down twice to create a third outfit of a shirt that falls right at the ankle and ruched at the tummy. If you are like me and need some styling advise on how to wear Walmart fashionably then check out this NYC Stylist turned blogger Penny Chic that exclusively styles her "muses" in nothing but Walmart from head to toe. Happy Chic Cheap Shopping!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short Women = Short Birth Canals.....

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

The pre-conception meeting with the doctor was like  a freight train, I can't lie. Hehehe. I agree with hubs that our speed seemed to go from 0 to 100 during the course of the meeting. All and all everything is fine and we have our plan. Little did I know she would suggest taking pre-natal vitamins a year in advance! Ish is getting real.... hehehehe
On to a lighter note, she began to size me up a bit versus the hubs (I stand 4'11 strong and he is...... drum roll 6'2). Then mentioned C section maybe likely because looks like a baby might not "fit" esp if he or she gets the tall genes from daddy. Some women may get anxiety by hearing that but it didn't bother me much. Just glad to get my mind ready for that one day. Size up these celebrity women with their tall beaus. Its funny to see how "jolly green giant" our men look beside us. 

Christina Ricci & Owen Benjamin

Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian

Sacha B Cohen & Isla Fisher

Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet Giveaway: I Won!

I just wanted to announce that I won the Mother's Day Cookie bouquet for my mom from Talking With Tami. Just for those skeptics that think these giveaways are not real. They are! Doesn't it look yummy!?

Lady Blogger Social Online Conference for Blogging & Social Media Women

The Lady Blogger Social Online Conference virtually this summer. I am so excited as it is very cost effective for me as we are planning toward a family cruise in October. So my blogging conference budget has been severely decreased.

This conference brought to you by the fabulous Lady Blogger’s Society will have some of the same benefits of an actual live event. Attendees will receive swag bags, enter giveaways, listen to speakers and participate in networking rooms.

When? July 8 to 10th
Where? Online from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have Internet
What do you get with registration:
  • 3 days of live events, sessions with speakers, networking, and building your social media confidence
  • Lifetime Access to our Ning Conference Website
  • Affiliate Marketing E-Book
  • Creating Info Products E-Book
  • Online Marketing E-Book
  • Workbooks and Sheet for each panel discussion
  • Online Events and “Table” Discussions
  • Virtual SwagBag of learning materials and discounts!
  • Access to all session recordings and speaker PowerPoint slides and handouts (great if you can’t make the live session).
  • Access to all session transcripts – in case you prefer to read the information instead of listen or watch it.
Session topics they have planned:
  • Branding Your Blog
  • Growing Your Readership, And Why You’d Want To Anyway
  • Graphic and Blog Design
  • The Do’s and Don’ts for Brand Ambassadors
  • Creative Writing For Ranting Writers
  • Pushing Past the Blogging Burnout Phases
  • Creating a Blogging Business for Blogging Mama’s
  • Increasing Your Resume List for Social Media Jobs
  • Parenting and The Computer Screen, Combining the Two Perfectly
  • Vlogging For The Rest Of Us
  • Turning Your Blog into a Community
  • Mobile Blogging/Blogging on the Go
  • Becoming a Travel Blogger
  • Review Blogging: Making It Work for You
Cost? $55 Early Bird Price (until May 6th). After that it goes up to $65. Late Registration is $75.
I didn't make the early bird special by 4 days :( but $65 isn't bad considering you don't have to change out of your pajamas all weekend! Hurry get your ticket soon only 100 lucky ladies can attend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pre-Conception Planning: The Doctor Visit

It just so happen I was on the search for a new gynecologist and it is not time for my annual exam. We decided to go visit one the doctor that I am strongly considering and thought why not get our pre-conception questions answered. So ladies I need help what questions should I make sure we get answers to?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NBC's The Event: Need Ratings!

Apparently just as our favorite show is getting juicy ratings have dropped :( TV Analysts have predicted that The Event will be cancelled and will not return for next season. This is a slightly desperate plea for you to watch the previous episodes on demand and join us fans next week as we try and savor the ratings. This is a really good show and in my opinion ratings have dropped because of the competing Monday night time slot with Dancing With The Stars and their fan base has really took a leap. The Event is one of the best night time series in my opinion since Fox's "24" & ABC's "Lost". Check it out!