Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy Way To Relax: 10 Minutes Daily

I am back after a 2 week hiatus and hating myself for not keeping up with my blog. From being out of town on business to merging two lives in a new marriage can have you on the go constantly. I realize now I must find therapeutic time to just plain 'ole relax. The past year my mailbox has been flooded with magazine subscriptions I  recieved from cashing in on unused airline loyalty miles.  As they kept piling up I felt buried in the desire to keep up with the trending articles of Ebony, Essence, People, etc. I even selfishly thought one day how great it would be to have someone read them and actually brief me on the hot topics of the month.  Instead of approaching someone with that foulishness I settled for passing them along to my mother and sought pleasure in seeing her read them.  So today after a restless day at the office, I came home to relax and thought twice about cutting on the TV on and picked up the new 65th anniversary Ebony I just recieved today and found comfort in relaxing through reading. I even got some blog post ideas I have started drafting.  As I continue learning this new life of a wife I see in order to get things done sometimes television is the biggest distraction ever to productivity & true relaxation.

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