Sunday, October 17, 2010

N'secure The Movie: Don't Bother

So last night we went to our first drive in movie experience at one of the last few theaters located in East Atlanta, GA. Sadly, our first experience was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I really wanted to support the black film makers but this one is definitely going straight to BET and TV One. I am a faithful listener of The Steve Harvey morning show so other than listening to Nephew Tommy every morning I would have never known about the movie. Its unfortunate he had no funny parts as the comedian usually can save a movie. Well at least there are a lot of Memphis businesses that received shine time from this project. However the movie was so horrible I only remember the last restaurant Spindinis.

After the movie finally ended, a cabin feverish like feeling came over us as it felt like we were sitting in our car for hours already. Glad we decided to stay for the double feature because "Takers" definitely made up for the night. Kudos to the whole cast for a very action packed, intense drama filled with greed and deception.

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