Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who's The Boss: Expressive Beauty a Company for Women to Become Bossy

On last night I attended an empowering event hosted by the The Boss Network.  It was a night of celebration of women who are bosses in their own right.  This network's vision is "Bringing Out Successful Sisters. The personal stories of each key influencer makes any woman that is a boss in her own rite remember why we work so hard to turn a passion into a business plan. Melissa Dawn Johnson's personal story being so connected with your business you may even to die for it. Of course her story was a comical experience of a false ADT home invasion scare but you definitely feel the seriousness how we feel about what we do.

Atlanta was the second stop in the network's tour of celebrating key influencers. For me it was perfect timing as we all know Atlanta has an entrepreneurial pulse that is beeping every minute.  That is why Legal Grinding Wifey is pleased to announce the launch of Expressive Beauty Inc. a company for African American women. We specialize in our exclusive Satin Series human hair extensions & established natural products distribution.  This is a unique opportunity at time where we need to take control of an industry where the businesses we buy from have known little about the consumer base so much that they feel its sufficient to sell hair out of plastic bags. I am pleased to share with what myself, hubby, and team have been working so hard to launch. Check out one of our pres releases here.

Fellow boss ladies don't forget to tell every women you know to plug into The Boss Network founder Cameka Smith has worked so hard to launch a year ago to connect all of us with that one common purpose: striving for Success.

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