Monday, September 13, 2010

Honeymoon Over: Returning to work = Maternity Leave Jitters

Today marked the day I returned to work from being off for 2 weeks for our wedding and honeymoon time off. Quite ironic as I think it is silly for me to even have thought of this but I wonder how many women contemplate taking a lot of personal time off from work. How many fear and think that if your job can go about business as usual without you then wouldn’t they replace or give rid of you? I don’t know any people personally who have experienced some type of prejudice as a woman for taking a lot of personal time. This is not a new work place jitter for women and I have read tons of great blog stories so I am not here to try and reinvent the wheel but just get some dialogue going on how real is this anxiety? Any personal stories of women returning to work feeling a little on the outside the "loop"?

I did walk in today to discover one person had been let go which was not a suprise to me but none the less things like this always ruffle feathers.

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