Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wearing Walmart Fashion Finds: Miss Tina

Yep I said it I now shop at Wally World. It came after like many of you I saw a new line of clothing featured in Essence Magazine where Tina Knowles launched her line in Walmart "Miss Tina" fall 2010.  I was initially very excited to see nothing was over $20. I was skeptical at first and never went into the store although I really was digging how model Tocarra rocked the threads. Around the end of winter, I went in to find things were picked over and left the section discontented thinking "that is why I never shopped here poor quality everything even inventory."

I am a frugal lady at heart so I tried again a few months ago.  I found just about every piece of clothing from the Spring 2011 line and fell in love. Luckily the stores close to me have a good inventory when the line for each season first drops. I never thought I would say this but these clothes fit my curves and bumps better than anything I have ever bought. Miss Tina is a big fan of ruched textures on the sides of her dresses (hits just below the lower hip) which as she says is very "forgiving" I say "ode to Miss Tina" because after a basket of chicken wings I have previously begged my clothes for mercy.

Check out the entire line at

I encourage you to check out your local store and at least try on some of the items. If you do not find your size don't fret you can order from for only $0.97 shipping! You will be surprised to find some very hidden treasures. One of my favorites is the Fold Over Skirt Dress that is a 3 way outfit 1) the top rolls down to a dress falling just below the knee to create a ruched texture around the middle 2) the top rolls up to a dress that falls ankle length 3) the top rolls down twice to create a third outfit of a shirt that falls right at the ankle and ruched at the tummy. If you are like me and need some styling advise on how to wear Walmart fashionably then check out this NYC Stylist turned blogger Penny Chic that exclusively styles her "muses" in nothing but Walmart from head to toe. Happy Chic Cheap Shopping!


  1. Oh wow! Miss Tina's line looks like it may be saying something! I definitely will check out the Walmart website tonight. Thanks for spreading the news!

  2. I have not bought walmart clothes since high school so I am sure that walmart has changed in the fashion department by now I will have to check it out. I love having clothes that fit me for a fraction of the price.