Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Invisible Capital: Start a Business with it Today

It may sound ludacris but Chris Rabb so eloquently speaks to us in his book Invisible Captial that entrepreneurship is very attainable.  There is a little known fact among many that it really doesn't take any money to start a business.  Essentially, the first thing you need is not physical capital but human capital that is found with in yourself.  Rabb explains the invisible capital is human, social and cultural capital that interlock to reveal the beginning of a company launch.  Human capital is your skills, credentials and experiences; social capital being your network and what they think of you; and cultural capital being how you operate in different environments and your ability to communicate in ways that inspire confidence and create opportunity. Now doesn't this make the average personal believe now that the American Dream of working for yourself more attainable. It is very true that it does take physical capital to build and grow a business but the reality is the launch begins with you and that is the ONLY way to begin.

"In financing growing companies, we always looked for human value that didn’t appear on the balance sheet.. the quality of management, especially its entrepreneurial drive."
Michael Milken

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