Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NJ Pastor Bans Facebook Profiles for Congregation

Many of you may know but this past Sunday Pastor Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship in New Jersey publicly told his entire congregation that social media is a catalyst for infidelity. He even went so far as to demand that all church officials in his congregation remove their facebook profiles or step down from their leadership positions.  This comes at the wake of Pastor Miller's revelation that he is currently counseling 20 married couples having marital issues because of their spouse reconnecting with an ex on facebook. This is actually after he initially suggested all married couples share their Facebook passwords.

The question that comes to mind is if a pastor should be creating such a mandate like this to his congregation? Is he really dealing with the root cause of these couples in counseling real marital issues? If that spouse is going to "ignite passion" with an old flame by chatting on Facebook are they not capable of also chatting it up with a man or woman at the grocery store? So many questions arise as to if what Pastor Miller is mandating is even a viable solution.  Moreover, is he not created possible drama in marriages that have not even been affected by Facebook at all.  What about the happily married couple that are now looking at each other discussing whether to close their accounts or not? One may agree, one may not.  I am sure the pastor's intentions are genuine to help repair the marriages of those he is counseling. When is it actually too much since he is pushing his beliefs on the ENTIRE congregation about something that is of the flesh "The Internet".

Not that this should be related but Pastor Cedric Miller's past also resurfaced after this public demand to his congregation.  He actually admitted in a 2003 criminal case proceeding to a 3-way relationship between his wife and a church assistant. The church assistant's wife also sometimes participated. This was a sexual relationship that often occurred during Thursday bible meetings and after Sunday church services. This situation along with the alleged scandal of Bishop Eddie Long brings forth it is not about Facebook or the Internet we must deal with the individual people's issues leading to behaviors that may trouble a marriage.

Your thoughts?


  1. I personally found this disturbing. Your last comment where you write (paraphrasing) "this situation isn't about Facebook or the internet" is exactly why I was so angry about this situation. It isn't about Facebook or any source of electronic communication, it's about the individual. It's about how serious we take our vows and the lives our wrong doings can affect. His life isn't reflective of a pastor, husband or leader.

  2. "Is he really dealing with the root cause of these couples in counseling real marital issues?"

    Exactly! The problem isn't online.... the problem is the philandering spouse who, I'm sure, had lascivious intent long before FB was introduced into the mix.

    I hadn't heard of this, actually. Thx for sharing!

    New Follower here! :-)

  3. Yes the pastor really caused some conversation around his choice in counseling. Looking forward to blogging with you!