Friday, February 4, 2011

Love, Marriage & Business - Does it Mix?

The hubs and recently attended the 2011 Trumpet Awards at the Cobb Centre in Atlanta. It was a star studded event with performances and appearances from Eric Benet, Charlie Wilson, The NFL Choir, Kenya Moore, Kandi Buress, Ambassador Andrew Young, Attorney General Eric Holder, Judge Greg Mathis, Richard Roundtree, among many many more. The night was hosted by Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari Parker Kodjoe, & Neicy Nash and will air on TV One April 24th.

Attending an awards show that is pre-recorded, often the hosts get tongue tied and have to repeat and t film segments over.  There were times when Boris would completely need to record a segment again and Nicole would as well. They would both playfully make a joke of messing up.  It was amazing to see the love, support, & humor Boris and Nicole shared while working this event together.  Many women have pondered does love and business mix well? Can I go into business and work with my spouse? Seeing Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' drama unfold on RHOA on business deals really leaves a bad taste regarding working with your spouse.  Nicole & Boris reminded me of the patience that is required when you and your spouse work together.  My husband and I work very closely together on a lot of our business ventures & projects. It is not always peaches and cream because whether your household runs of traditional or non-traditional male/female roles, the business relationship is quite bit different. So here are my top 10 rules for women to successfully be in business with your husband. These are just a few things I have learned along the way so far.

10. Just because you are his wife you should not "win" disagreements about the business
9. New to entrepreneurship? Corporate success =  immediate success in your business
8. Schedule business meetings where you set time aside to discuss work
7. Make sure your business goals align with the household goals
6. Establish a plan for keeping business expenses separate from personal
5. Resolve & fight "fires" together
4. If both or either of you work a 9-5, establish an organized time management plan
3. Celebrate the successes when they come instead of being eager to make more happen
2. Don't feel the need to turn your affection on or off, its a good way to break up the monotony
1. Remind yourself in the tough times you are creating a wonderful legacy together

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  1. Stopped by from the SITS Comment Cocktail Party, and as soon as I saw the title of this post, I just had to comment.

    My hubby's business is right next door to our house. It's actually part of the house. I work with him whenever he needs me. (Which is ALL the time!) At first it was really hard to get used to, you know being so close 24/7. Then on top of that I was just learning the ropes and he was the boss. Some days our work relationship did interfere with our personal relationship. But now after 10 years, we're not only used to it, we enjoy it! :)

    Great blog post!